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Our culture is very important to us, as our business is built on the people we employ. This ensures that both our clients and staff succeed


    Welcome to UKN Group


    It all starts with our people; they are the foundations of our business.

    For over 20 years we have developed a unique culture that has both attracted the best people to join our teams, but also one that people like as many have stayed around for over 10 years.

    We try to develop a culture where talents are recognised and rewarded, with the opportunity to learn, develop and travel.

    We invest in our staff both professionally and personally with a range of benefits that look after their well being.


    We are very proud of the work we do for our clients, we always go above and beyond and wont rest until the job is done. Our quality and standards based approach, have led us to achieve our very high accreditation status.

    As a service provider, the importance and quality of our service is paramount to both the accreditation's and clients we hold and serve. We are audited annually to ensure we constantly remain on our toes and always improve.


    Whilst we take our work seriously, we also try to have some fun and encourage an environment where this is possible. As a happy team is a productive one. From incentives, to rewards, to benefits to parties are all ways we say thank you to our employees for going above any beyond every day.


    We operate governance models in accordance with industry best practices and standards.
    For us, good governance is about strong management, appropriate processes, and insightful information.


    How we work

    We never stop learning. We continue our drive for excellence and we have learnt to consistently invest, remain focused and by being agile to stay at the forefront of technology. Find out some more about us and the history of technology.

    Corporate Responsibility

    At UKN Group, we recognise that we all play an important part in safeguarding our environment for the future. For this reason we are committed to contributing to the protection of the environment through responsible and environmentally oriented operating practices.

    Through internal awareness programmes, the efforts of our people, and by harnessing technology, we are reducing the energy, carbon and resource impact of our business. We use collaborative technologies to reduce commuting and business travel, and we use ‘smart’ lighting and heating technologies and go paperless where we can.

    We also embrace our social responsibilities and contribute to the continuous development our local area and via the numerous charities we support.

    Our Staff

    We value our staff and believe their health and well being are vital to our success. The UKN Group Health and Well being Policy was developed with this in mind. This policy applies to all—regardless of role, geographic location or line of business—and is designed to foster a culture of health.

    Our teams spend a lot of time at work, we want to ensure they enjoy it. Here are just a few of the things we do to make it a little easier:

    Fresh Fruit on the company every day.

    Munchie Day – Lunch on us, the last Friday of every month.

    Discounted “Fitness First” Gym Membership

    Simply Health Cash Plan for all staff to ensure that everything is covered from dental, to optical to physio to a 24 hour medical line.

    Free travel to and from Basingstoke train station to the Business Park.

    Fun activities - From Go Karting to Paint balling.

    Employee awards program.

    We also contribute to staff led charities.

    Giving back

    We are very proud to have a long history of giving back.

    We support many charities each year, many are local, chosen by our employees as they are of significance to them or are those that we have supported for 20 years due to the work that they do.

    Contributions are made both by the company as well as from fundraising by our teams via sponsored events, our tuck shop or other specific events.

    A few of the charities we have helped over the last year are:

    • MIND
    • St. Michaels Hospice
    • Thames Hospice
    • Diabetes UK
    • Pelican Cancer Foundation
    • Spotlight UK
    • Reubens Fight
    • Alzheimer’s Society

    Our Core Values

    At the heart of our business lies our Core Values.

    From our recruitment process to our day to day working, we work by a set of values that are unique to UKN Group.

    EXCELLENCE - is our minimum standard
    We fulfil our commitments; our clients know they can trust us to deliver; we always do
    We take full ownership of our actions and their outcomes.

    COMMITMENT - we deliver on our commitments with honesty and integrity

    INNOVATION - we are always looking for new things to do, and new ways to do the things we've done before
    We have a culture of innovation – naturally dynamic, always focused on advancing and improving
    We unlock the energy and creativity of our employees, embracing the new and the different

    INTEGRITY - we always work in an open and transparent way and always with Integrity.

    QUALITY - we are the best because we set a standard of quality. It runs through every process and procedure and we learn when we make a mistake to improve it next time.

    FUN -we don't take ourselves too seriously. We come to work because we enjoy it, it’s fun.

    We have created a culture where humour can live.



    Where people and innovation are valued
    Our people are the key to our success, so we are always keen to hear from enthusiastic individuals who believe themselves to be one of life’s ‘drivers’ rather than ’passengers’.

    If you are looking for a challenging and dynamic workplace where your experience and knowledge are recognised, look no further, UKN Group is the best fit for you.

    We provide an environment which empowers ‘doers’ to flourish and invest in you to realise your full potential.

    Some of the nice things about working at UKN Group:

    1. We get our 5 a day – Fresh Fruit on the company every day.
    2. Munchie Day – Lunch on us, the last Friday of every month.
    3. Discounted “Fitness First” Gym Membership
    4. Health and Wellbeing – Simply Health Cash Plan for all staff.
    5. Travel in Style - With a free Bus Pass - Free travel to and from Basingstoke train station to the Business Park.

    Win an award every month if you are a top performer.

    If you think you could be one of our future shining stars, please send us your CV to info@ukngroup.com and we will be back in touch very soon.

    Who We Are

    Leadership Team

    Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Basingstoke, with offices in London, Manchester and Edinburgh. With over 20 years as an independent, award winning IT Support and Technology provider.

    Michael Eaton

    Chief Executive Officer
    Michael is the founder and Chief Executive of UKN Group, overseeing the firm’s operations as it moves towards achieving its business aims. Since founding UKN Group in 1997, Michael has led the team through significant organic growth, while retaining a focus on exceptional client service.
    Today, UKN Group is recognised as a leading IT services provider, and Michael continues to lead the company with a passion for its continued success and growth. Over the years Michael has completed various business and management certifications. As Chairman he is responsible for the leadership of the Board ensuring the company aims, aspirations, operations and stakeholder responsibilities are met in full.

    E: michael.eaton@ukngroup.com

    Chris Telfer

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Chris joined UKN Group, and the Board in September 2010 to strengthen the company's drive for profitable new business.

    Chris is a successful Commercial Director with many years’ experience of achieving targets, and developing international product and market strategies through effective client and market relationships. Using his strengths in consultative value selling principals and an in-depth understanding of client requirements, working closely with the entire UKN Group team to improve the strong reputation of the company. Chris trained to MBA level with Siemens Business Services entrepreneurial development program.

    E: chris.telfer@ukngroup.com

    Mark Watson

    Chief Operating Officer

    Mark joined UKN Group and the Board in August 2013, Mark is a senior professional and entrepreneur with a comprehensive track record of over 15 years, spanning sales, operations, general and board level management. Mark has held senior management positions with considerable global responsibility.

    Mark is a renowned trouble shooter, having assisted a number of organisations step change to another level of success. He has set-up and overseen large off-shore and near-shore BPO centers across India, Europe, APAC and America, and managed teams which spanned 46 global locations with a 24/7 structure.

    E: mark.watson@ukngroup.com


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