Hackers could use mobile apps to steal connected cars

By The News Desk|22 February 2017

Kaspersky researchers have tested a variety of the most popular software from car manufacturers currently available from app stores, and tested them to see if such code could be used to steal a vehicle or disable it, comparing their features, code obfuscation, username and password encryption, and general software integrity checks.

Findings included that by using proprietary mobile apps, it is possible to get the GPS coordinates of a car, trace its route, open its doors, start its engine, and turn on its aux devices.

The researchers noted that all of the apps turned out to be vulnerable to attacks in one way or another, although no malware containing code related to these apps nor direct attacks on cars have been reported.

However, the problem proves that better rules and regulations from government safety bodies are needed, as well as education for drivers around such issues as charging a device through the cigarette lighter adapter being safer than the car’s USB port, which might transfer data automatically.

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