Intel: only half of cybersecurity strategies have been implemented

By The News Desk|3 March 2017

Intel Security's recent global survey of 800 cybersecurity professionals from five industry sectors highlights how cybercriminals have the advantage in a fluid and dynamic marketplace for their skills, while defenders often operate in bureaucratic hierarchies, making them hard-pressed to keep up and under-rewarded - although 65% are personally motivated to strengthen their organisations' cybersecurity.

While more than 90% of organisations report having a cybersecurity strategy, less than half have fully implemented them. This may be because 95% of organisations have suffered other effects of cybersecurity breaches, but only 32% have been hit financially, leading to a false sense of security. The government sector was the least likely to report a fully-implemented cybersecurity strategy.

The report suggests ways that the defender community can learn from the attacker communities, including opting for security-as-a-service to counter the cybercrime-as-a-service model of the criminal market.

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