Are the lines between ‘Sim’ and ‘Human’ blurring?

By The News Desk|7 February 2017

With the popularity of virtual worlds like The Sims, around two billion social network users across the globe, and the benefits of e-commerce, it has become increasingly difficult to avoid the need for an online identity.

Technology is being developed to allow travellers soon to store their passports on their smartphones and similar efforts are being put behind the development of a digital driving licence. Our NHS patient records will become a series of noughts and ones, under the ‘Paperless by 2020’ initiative, making processes and procedures faster and slicker.

But recent figures from the ONS  revealed around 3.6 million cases of online fraud in just one year, the country’s most common offence. Both businesses and individuals need to be more vigilant with data, personal and financial; and businesses need to identify who is the ‘real’ human behind the digital persona.

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