Post project and ongoing day to day IT support. 24/7/375 services to ensure your business continues working even when IT issues arise  


    IT Support (Managed IT Services)

    Focus on your core business while our IT Support (Managed Services) teams provide 24x7x365 support.

    We manage solutions built and deployed by UKN Group Cloud and Infrastructure Transformation teams. Further, we can assess your existing Azure cloud data systems, and provide a managed service once we understand your landscape, and business requirements.

    Many clients require post project and ongoing IT support. We seamlessly transition into day to day reactive and pro active IT support.

    An example of the services we provide are:

    Transition into Business as Usual (BAU)

    Creation of documents detailing full solution

    Integration of documents into IT service management systems

    Asset management
    Configuration management database population (Hardware Items, Software Items, Software Licences)

    Management of configuration items allocation to users including licence tracking and software utilisation

    Identification of knowledge disparity within operations
    Transfer of associated knowledge to operational departments

    Handover into business as usual
    Delivery of all component parts into operations, Managed Services or client side teams enabling full tailored support

    At this point we address training and knowledge transfer requirements and handover to BAU

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    The Process

    Our tried and tested process over 20 years, and many engagements, is also bespoke to each client. We follow the process and procedure rigour required by our high accreditation status and in line with our company culture, work in a transparent and open way to ensure the best working relationship.

    Full document is provided and available 24/7 via our online systems 

    IT Managed Support

    Our IT support (managed services) include:

    • Enterprise IT systems management processes
    • Service automation
    • A 24/7 service team to monitor, support and manage resources deployed in the cloud and on-premise.

    24 7 Monitoring

    To complement and extend our managed service capability we also offer, 24/7/365, pro-active, preventative infrastructure and applications monitoring and management support.

    Managed via our UK based Network Operations Centre (NOC).

    Service Management

    As part of our comprehensive support and delivery capability, all support contracts include service delivery management as standard.

    This ensures regular communication and documented reporting occurs at regular intervals. This demonstrates the quality of the service, and highlights any ares of risk, future projects and any areas of improvement and service enhancement.

    IT Services Simply Delivered.


    5 IT Strategies for Business Success

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