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UKN Group achieve 4* Service Desk Accreditation

If you are looking for IT support and to outsource your service desk, the Service Desk Institute (SDI) is a good place to start. This is the professional organisation for IT service desk experts around the world, and sets the benchmark for standards and best practice in the industry.

The Service Desk Institute has been guiding, inspiring and improving IT service desks, such as UKN group for the last 30 years. SDI is the leading global community for all IT services and support.

The SDI inspires IT service desks to:

  • Embrace - To raise the quality of service delivery by valuing best practice
  • Engage - To create an inspiring and engaging customer experience
  • Invest - To empower their teams to be inspired, take action and be better
  • Shine - To demonstrate and deliver exceptional business value

As of 2014, UKN Group achieved a 4-star service desk accreditation - an achievement only 5 service desk providers in the world have. The 4-star certification rating was awarded following a rigorous auditing programme which assessed the service desk in numerous areas. 


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Our Customers

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • People Satisfaction
  • Partnership and Resources
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Our Team

  • People and Management
  • Leadership
  • Social Responsibility
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Our Skills

  • Processes
  • Performance Results
  • Policy and Strategy

How we achieved 4*

In 2010 we started our 4* Service Desk Institute accreditation journey. First of all, we had to undergo a series of preliminary assessments made by the SDI auditors, this provided us with goals for the 9 key focus areas mentioned above.  

Six months after the goals had been put into practice, we received another visit from the SDI auditors to see if we achieved what we set out to do. We then received a 2 start service desk accreditation.

Two years later in 2012, we gained our 3-star accreditation following another audit and then marginally missed out on a 4-star accreditation less than a year later.

In May last year, we were delighted to be awarded a 4 Star Service Desk Institute Certification, one of only 5 service desk providers globally!

"An excellent result at 4* demonstrating consistent ongoing improvements. There are so many positive initiatives going on, such as an apprentice program, and the UKN rising stars, that we are confident that the lure of a further 4* rating and the potential for 5* will continue to motivate UKN's teams. So pleasing to see such progressive quality improvement.” 

Howard Kendall - SDI Master Auditor


What does this mean for our clients?

As a SDI 4 Star Certified Service Desk our company employees and our customers have benefited significantly from this programme, which clearly differentiates our Managed Services from other IT providers. While Service Level Agreements and ISO standards are a good benchmark for assessing different IT outsourcing providers, SDI Certification has more rigorous standards measuring performance and excellence, which sets the SDI programme apart.

This means they receive an excellent service, the SDI standards dictate we regularly analyse our performance results, our customer satisfaction, the tools we use to provide the service and our processes.  It also ensures we improve on these processes on a continual basis.

If you want to receive a brilliant service from a certified IT service desk, then contact us by clicking on the button below.

The Service Desk Institute Members

The Service Desk Institute work with businesses and organisations with internal service desk teams, service desk providers like UKN Group, and companies using hybrid models. With a focus on continual improvement and skills development, SDI accreditation helps members to build really excellent service desks that enable businesses and organisations to succeed. 

As organisations have embraced digital transformation the IT service desk has become a vital function across different industries. Excellent service desk provision increases business continuity, productivity, customer satisfaction, and can enable businesses and organisations to grow, expand and achieve their objectives. As a result there is significant demand for service desk analysts and IT service desk support. This means that it can be a challenge to identify the best talent and support available for your organisation, and benefit from the value an excellent service desk delivers.

The Service Desk Institute therefore fulfils a very important role in benchmarking different providers, and providing training and continued professional development (CPD) for service desk professionals. The SDI also ensures that no accredited service desk team takes their eye off the ball. Once certification is achieved, service desk teams continue to be supported by the SDI with a Continual Service Improvement roadmap and surveillance audits.

While the benefits of working with the Service Desk Institute or an accredited IT service desk provider include lower employee and customer churn, increased satisfaction and loyalty, fewer IT incidents and increased productivity, the overriding benefit to businesses and organisations is cost savings. An excellent IT service desk provision drives efficiencies and savings, ensuring that IT support is delivered quickly and efficiently, and that IT issues do not impact negatively on the bottom line. 

UKN Group is extremely proud to be a SDI 4 Star Certified Service Desk and have seen how continual service improvements make a real difference to our customers. If you would like a trial service desk call to see what a 4 star service is like, click on the button below.

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