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Innovative technologies, flexible pricing

Cloud solutions for business have come of age. The choices available for organisations are fast, robust, secure and offer the flexibility to cope with an agile workforce.

Combined with a pricing structure based on licenses, you are now no longer tied to hardware asset investment or software rollout programmes. But, how do you get from where you are now to a cloud solution that works for your business? Do you even need the cloud?

Our team will advise and help make the transition seamless with a solution that is right for you. If you would like to know more about cloud solutions for business, and hear some of our experiences that could help offer more understanding about the options available, why not get in touch today?

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Cloud Services from UKN Group

Why choose UKN Group

We have helped a number of organisations transition to cloud services and platforms that have changed the way they work. These are not only corporates and SMEs, but schools, legal firms and NHS organisations which demand the highest levels of security and compliance.

These projects have been delivered with a seamless transition to cloud services, with careful planning that is designed around the operations of each specific organisation.

Cloud Deployment Options

Private Cloud

This is a cloud infrastructure operated solely for your organisation, offering you a secure environment that allows your business to operate in an agile way in multiple physical sites. These can be tailored to your exacting needs of software availability and storage.

Public Cloud

The public cloud consists of service providers making resources – such as applications and storage – available over the Internet. This is an entry level solution to cloud computing which offers the lowest entry point for service and cost, and may lack the security and robust nature your organisation demands.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud solution comprises of multiple cloud solutions that are connected, but kept separate. This enables you to connect with cloud resources, potentially from different service providers and offers distinct isolation of systems and data, with the ability to integrate and collaborate.

Desktop As A Service

The IT infrastructure and software delivery within organisations has been transformed with Desktop As A Service. Your agile workforce has access to their applications and data whenever and wherever you decide, allowing them a more flexible approach to working.

You get to outsource a large (and often draining) part of your IT function to your cloud service provider, freeing up your internal team and maintaining upgrades and patches that keep your business functioning securely.