Desktop Virtualisation

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VDI, otherwise known as virtual desktop infrastructure, refers to the process of running desktop operating systems, from inside a virtual machine which can be located in a data centre or on-premise. Each desktop instance exists as a virtual machine, and to the users the experience will be indistinguishable from one where their data and applications are local.

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Concept principles

Desktop and Virtual Computing is not a simple concept. This simple diagram outlines the key principles:

Virtual Desktop concept

Key benefits of Virtual Desktop
  • Hot desk mobility – users can move between devices and locations, resuming their session right from the moment it was last activated.
  • Secure the Desktop – gain tighter control over your information by moving corporate data and intellectual property from insecure laptops and PCs to secure, corporate storage systems.
  • Lower Energy Consumption – Traditional desktop PC's utilise a large amount of electricity. Server-based computing allows the introduction of low energy thin client devices, consuming substantially less energy.
  • Reduced Administration – manage the server instead of each individual desktop; eliminating the task of individual desktop software upgrades. Budget can be optimised by providing centrally managed and consolidated processing and storage.