server virtualization

Dynamic and cost-effective solutions

Server virtualisation and technology consolidation have emerged as compelling solutions to the challenge of making IT more dynamic and cost effective. Our high level of specialisation and experience enables our clients to pool computing resources, enabling rapid set-up over multiple locations, irrespective of access device and with little or no configuration.

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Centrally managed, multi-tier dynamic infrastructure

We design virtualised infrastructure solutions that can be deployed as a tactical cost-saving measure or as part of our managed services. Virtualisation is an integral part of our infrastructure optimisation strategies and we leverage the latest innovations from our key vendor partners.

We can help your organisation move from a simplified virtual environment to a centrally managed, multi-tier dynamic infrastructure with full resilience and automated load balancing. UKN Group can also help your company implement an enterprise storage infrastructure to support your virtualisation and consolidation strategy.

Key benefits of server virtualisation
  • Improved utilisation of hardware which improves maintenance costs
  • Reduced data centre footprint, which equals fewer services and networking equipment, with racks required
  • Reduced vendor lock in
  • Faster server provisioning and improved system maintenance
  • Reduced costs and improved energy efficiency with less hardware requiement and server consolidation
  • Build better business continuity with improved disaster recovery and high availability throughout the data centre.