5 Things IT Directors Should Action Post-Brexit

By Mark Watson|14 July 2016

Millions in the UK and around the world were shocked when the results of the EU referendum were announced on Friday 24 June. A slim majority - 52% - of the British population has decided to turn their backs on Europe.

It didn’t take long for the negative impact of this result to hit currency trading, cause major upheaval in Westminster and Brussels, panic investors, wipe billions off the world markets and damage the UK’s credit rating. The country that is known for a “Keep Calm & Carry On” mindset made a rather poor show of it that morning.

But the UK has weathered many a storm in the past. We’ve been making a strong recovery from the recession, with unemployment at its lowest rate for years. Leaving Europe is also far from certain, with petitions, protests and political action focused on reversing this advisory, non-binding referendum. Article 50 has not been invoked, therefore not formally initiating the proceedings to leave the EU. Right now, nothing has changed.

However, unsurprisingly, this has caused some stress and uncertainty amongst the business community. Some IT Directors are currently playing a game of wait and see over budgets and outsourcing projects.

Assuming the UK does initiate proceedings, and we do, eventually, leave the EU, this could be a long waiting game for IT departments and business leaders. Besides the time this process could take - which will cost companies money the longer they wait - there are several reasons it benefits businesses to move forward with IT outsourcing projects sooner rather than later.

#1: Cost Savings

The arguments in favour of IT outsourcing are still the same after Brexit. Outsourcing saves money. Service desks and other IT functions are cheaper and more efficient when they don’t use vital in-house resources, including staff, office space and data centres.

#2: A Flexible, Scalable Solution

In-house teams and services can’t be easily scaled up and down according to internal and external demands. Service providers shoulder that worry for clients. All you have to pick is the right service solution and SLA for your present and future needs. This way, your IT provider can more effectively support your growth.

#3: Focuses IT on Strategic Objectives

Most IT departments can focus on strategy or fire fighting, but not both. There isn’t enough time or resources. The right IT outsource provider can, and should, be able to deliver both, as needed. Depending on what your business needs, it can be useful to outsource service desk functions to an external provider. Therefore, freeing up valuable IT time to concentrate on long-term, strategic objectives.

#4: Knowledge and Expertise

British businesses could face tricky and uncertain times ahead. Now, more than ever, is when you need experts in every corner. Brexit could impact data storage, data protection, intellectual property, finance and dozens of other unknowns.

Working with the right IT service company will ensure you can stay head of complex changes, adjust plans, budgets and resources as events unfold; giving your business the competitive advantage it needs to stay ahead.

Another key issue for IT departments is hiring, with many organisations currently recruiting EU migrants as well as home grown talent. This is one headache that can be passed on to an IT service provider who will need to ensure they review their talent pipelines in line with any future changes to immigration.

#5: Avoid Delusion and Confusion

EU regulations aren’t going anywhere, even if we leave the EU. European laws have too great an influence over British and international rules, especially when it comes to data protection and copyright. It would be impossible to untangle ourselves from many of the protections consumers and businesses now have.

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Working with an IT partner ensures you will never be caught off-guard by misinformation and confusion. Now is the time to keep a level head. Political changes will take years to enact if they happen, but taking this country into economic torpor is a real risk we all face.

Don’t let uncertainty stop your business moving forward with a strategy that made sense only a few weeks ago. Take action to get your IT in shape today!

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