6 Steps - Onboarding A New IT Service Desk Provider

By Alan Conduct|4 February 2019

Moving to a new IT service desk provider is not something many CIOs want to do on a regular basis. However, if your current IT support is not delivering the service you require, the sooner you on board a new provider the sooner you’ll get the service you need.

Switching providers should not be stressful and disruptive. Your new IT service provider should have an on boarding process of their own to ensure a smooth transition either from an internal service desk or from another IT outsource provider. But don’t wait until contracts have been signed before finding out what their new client on boarding process is like! Make sure you review it as part of the tendering and selection process so you know you’ll receive a smooth and professional service launch.

Below are the steps we take to seamlessly transition new clients from their incumbent service desk to our IT support.

The On Boarding Process For A Successful Service Launch

Step 1: Select an on boarding team

Depending on our clients’ requirements we first select a team to manage the on boarding process. It will include your account manager who will be with you throughout the transition and beyond, as well as service management; technical specialists and engineers who will coordinate the switch over from one service desk to another. We may also assign a dedicated project manager to oversee the on boarding process, especially for those organisations with a large IT estate, multiple locations and high volumes of tickets.

Step 2: IT Audit

We’ll work with you, key stakeholders, users and 3rd party suppliers to get a detailed picture of your organisation’s IT environment. Covering everything from hardware, applications & servers, users, groups and access, licensing, risks and vulnerabilities, this audit ensures we have all the information required to deliver the service you need.

Step 3: Analysis

Using the information from the audit we can now make a plan for transitioning to your new IT service desk. We are able to identify the tools needed, the best approach (for example a staged migration), what checks need to be in place and agree timescales for a successful service launch. At this point we will also look at ways to drive efficiencies and make recommendations to improve the service, so they can form part of the implementation plan.

Step 4: Implementation

We build your service desk adding users and assets, creating process documentation and providing training to your team. We set up service desk communication channels, establish VPN connectivity and test back up procedures. When everything is in place we communicate new support processes to all users ready to switch on the service.

Step 5: Assessment

This is the start of our continual review of the service delivered. We’ll review the implementation process, test the service against SLAs and measure performance. Regular contact with all parties will help us drive efficiencies and make further recommendations to optimise the service.

Step 6: Service launch

At this point the service is launched and we transition to on going account management processes. Regular meetings, reports and reviews are part of this process to ensure that the service is meeting expectations, and also to respond to changing needs within the organisation.

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