How Can IT Enable Rapid Business Growth?

By Mark Watson|12 May 2015

Many small to medium businesses find their ability to grow and expand capped by IT legacy constraints, these in turn prevented the business from expanding without a significant investment in IT infrastructure.

One of our clients, Dutton Gregory Solicitors wanted to explore options to make IT an enabler to aid their rapid growth and expansion by integrating IT with their business plan, so that these legacy issues would not affect their plans for rapid growth. Already a progressive business, Dutton Gregory was one of the first law firms to publish a quality guarantee to its clients, they had the foresight to address their IT before implementing other business changes, and therefore were able to benefit from cost effective solutions and a holistic approach for the delivery of IT services.

The Business Growth Challenge

Dutton Gregory engaged UKN to work in partnership focussing on the following challenges:

  • Maximising the productivity of circa 60 fee earners and over 20 partners,
  • Reducing complexity of IT Services and Support across the 3 sites,
  • Enabling control of IT expenditure from the head office in Winchester,
  • Simple and standardised support for users irrespective of location.

The Solution

Having understood Dutton Gregory’s challenges, we developed a services catalogue targeted at addressing the tactical as well as strategic challenges.  These included:

  • Infrastructure monitoring & management (Capacity & Availability),
  • Access to broader and in depth technical skills and knowledge (Technology Adoption),
  • Service Management and procurement services (Standards and Policies),
  • Network Support, including firewall security policies (Access and Security).

In addition to the service elements adopted, the partnership allows Dutton Gregory to access the UKN Service Centre, a dedicated Service Delivery Manager and a specific client champion who works with and understands the ever changing needs of Dutton Gregory's users and provides the quality of services that Dutton Gregory have grown to expect.

The Value of Partnership

Over the past eight years, we have enjoyed a strong working relationship with Dutton Gregory that has built a significant level of trust and mutual understanding.  This has lead to an engagement that has gone beyond the original scope to encompass:

  • transformation of core infrastructure to a high availability application delivery model,
  • installation of new offices in line with expansion and defined standards,
  • UKNs’ centralised IT procurement service to aiding in cost reduction,
  • enhanced services, delivering highly available and proactive support,
  • consistent delivery of exceptional customer service

We apply experiences gained in many public and private organisations to recommend the most appropriate solution and support architecture for Dutton Gregory. This has enabled Dutton Gregory to focus on their core business and stated goals of investing in quality assurance, communications and IT systems ensuring they maintain the highest levels of client care.

Businesses like Dutton Gregory are well equipped to drive through rapid growth and expansion because they have the foresight to integrate IT into their business plan and strategy. If you’re organisation is concerned that traditional legacy constraints might affect your business growth, get in touch with me and the UKN Group team. We can explore your organisation's objectives and how IT can be a barrier or an enabler, and discuss how we can help you achieve the latter.

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