Christmas IT Support

By Alan Conduct|21 December 2018

At this time of year there are many articles highlighting the people who work over the Christmas period. Volunteers who provide Christmas lunch for the homeless or elderly, the amazing NHS staff who care for people that need health services over the Christmas break, the emergency services, the clergy, the list goes on…

All of these people deserve our gratitude and good wishes as we enjoy Christmas with our loved ones. But also spare a thought for IT support teams around the country, and world, who will also be working at Christmas!

They’ll be the ones who ensure that vital IT systems (for example those used by the NHS and emergency services) are running over the Christmas break; that when you need technical support to operate that present under the Christmas tree, you get it; and that all the essential services (utilities, communications, banks etc.) that are dependent on IT work regardless of the holiday.

24/7/365 IT Service Desk

As an IT service desk provider offering 24/7/365 IT support, some of our service desk analysts will be working this Christmas. They’ll be either working from our offices providing remote support for our clients that need a 24/7/365 service desk function, as well as on site for those clients that require that level of IT support. It can be a bit lonely as many team members will be off work, but they try to get in the festive spirit!

So spare a thought for them if you need to contact IT support over the Christmas break, whether it’s our team or any other service desk. They’d appreciate a ‘Merry Christmas’ as they wait for their shift to end and they can get back home to their family and friends!

On behalf of everyone at UKN Group I’d like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

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