Cyber security and the Microsoft cloud

By Jane Woodyer|17 November 2020

October 2020 update.

UKN Group has joined forces with Cloud Business, bringing our market-leading service desk to this leading Cloud Solutions and Managed Services provider. Here we share thought leadership, advice and news from Cloud Business's blog.

Retrofitting cyber security controls to protect remote workers

We're now in a 2nd lockdown and although there has been some very positive news about vaccines, it's clear that many organisations will have staff working from home for some time to come. Therefore if you haven't reviewed cyber security controls since initially rolling out remote working apps and tools, this review is now overdue.

To retrofit cyber security controls to the technology you've deployed, read Cloud Business's blog post highlighting the 5 key areas to address and how. Click here >

Why book a Microsoft Cloud Assessment?

Remote working has accelerated many organisations' plans for digital transformation and Microsoft 365 is the first choice for modern workplace technology. If you haven't yet migrated to the cloud and want to get benefits of collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams, a cloud assessment will set your organisation up for success.

In this post, the Cloud Business team explore what's covered in a Microsoft Cloud Assessment, the output and why this is a sure-fire recipe for a seamless cloud migration. Read all about it here >

To find out more about Cloud Business, head on over to the new website and explore! 

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