Eight ways to control the 93% of apps you don't know about

By The News Desk|19 December 2016

As technology and the advancements in the cloud make life easier for the increasingly mobile workforce, we are teetering on the edge of a cloud, or SaaS, app deluge.

A typical enterprise is likely to run on between 600 to 1000 SaaS applications, of which the IT department knows of around 7%, leading to security issues such as data leakage and unauthorised access. Companies need to plan for the the SaaS Tsunami.

This article numbers eight strategies that can be immediately applied, including identifying categories for employee expenditure on apps, to keep some control; working with new employees on required apps; Single Sign-On; authentication processes; off-boarding former employees; tracking self-certifying apps; setting policy on app usage in writing; and identifying normal and abnormal employee behaviour, to flag up possible breaches.

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