How to outsource my IT service desk

By Alan Conduct|7 May 2019

In recent years the question of whether your organisation should outsource its IT service desk has changed to ‘how do I outsource my IT service desk?’

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Most IT professionals and business leaders agree that outsourcing non-core tasks like 1st line IT support is a more cost effective option than maintaining it in-house. Outsourcing IT support also increases bandwidth for core commercial activities. However, the fact that people are asking ‘how to outsource my IT service desk’ reveals that there’s room for error.

Key concerns include:

  • Hidden costs,
  • Poor service,
  • Security risks,
  • Reputational damage.

It’s therefore really important that to gain all the benefits of outsourcing and avoid any potential risks, you put potential IT service providers through a robust due diligence process. Below I share key factors to include:

How do I outsource my IT service desk? Due diligence checklist

1. Analyse the service provider's accounts and annual reports;

  1. 2. Assess the provider's length of operation and market share;
  3. 3. Consider the size of the potential contract in relation to the size of the company;
  5. 4. Review the service provider's level of investment to ensure on-going support;
  7. 5. Calculate the impact of economic, political, or environmental risk on the service provider's financial stability;
  9. 6. Request references from current customers (speak to them in person) exploring the service provider’s reputation and performance;
  11. 7. Review the service provider's experience and expertise in your organisation’s sector;
  13. 8. Consider the service provider's experience and capabilities with customers operating in a similar environment to your organisation;
  15. 9. Understand the cost for any additional systems or interfaces that enable the service provider to provide their outsourced services to your organisation;
  17. 10. Assess whether there any shortcomings in the service provider's expertise that your organisation will need to supplement in order to fully mitigate risks;
  19. 11. Assess the service provider's proposed use of third parties, subcontractors, or partners to support the outsourced activities;
  21. 12. Assess the service provider's ability to respond to service disruptions;
  23. 13. Review key service provider personnel (account managers, team leads etc.) that would be assigned to support your organisation;
  25. 14. Assess the service provider's ability to comply with data protection and compliance legislation, such as GDPR or financial / legal sector regulations;
  27. 15. Review any country, state, or locale risks, such as economic or political risks with offshore providers.

To learn more about outsourcing your IT service desk, or to test your IT outsourcing due diligence checklist on UKN Group  – please get in touch.

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