IT: Are You Keeping Up With The Pace Of Change?

By Mark Watson|14 September 2018

Technology moves fast these days. Before you know it, that amazing smartphone you spent a fortune on is out-of-date and everyone is already talking about the latest model. Leaving yours in the dust.

Businesses are at risk of being left in the dust too. IT and computing technology is evolving quickly. Responsive and user-centric IT solutions are no longer a ‘nice-to-haves’ either. Customers and team members expect and need systems and services that enable them to work easily and effectively, and enjoy an excellent customer experience.

Look at the financial services sector, for example. Twenty years ago, banking took place in branches or over the phone. Times have changed and now high street and online banks have to compete with new challengers who have are a by-product of the digital revolution; those that are innovating their product and service offering, and embracing the agility and flexibility that digital technology brings, are able to compete in this marketplace. 

Keeping pace with technology

Digital technology has transformed almost every area of our lives. From shopping to dating and travel. In the world of work, digital transformation is giving companies a competitive edge, which is why your business needs to keep up with the pace of change. 

With modern, easy-to-use systems in place, such as cloud-based software that staff can access anywhere, your team can be more productive. If customers can place orders through a website or portal, you can generate more revenue. Customer service can also take many new forms. From automated AI-powered self-serve platforms, to a similar system across social networks, to VOIP and other cloud-based services that make it easier to connect with team members and clients anywhere in the world.

Cloud offerings are so sophisticated that everything you could do, requiring on premise IT infrastructure and hardware, can be delivered using cloud-based systems. All of this reduces your costs and risk, and allows your business to be more agile and competitive. 

Cloud technology improves productivity, reduces IT risks, saves money and resolves the issues surrounding the cost of ownership. For many businesses, of every size, in every sector, this is an ideal solution.

It also means avoiding many of the IT risks associated with using legacy technology.

The risks of not keeping up

Failing to keep pace can cause serious dangers and risks. Cyber threats are a concern to every business. Small companies aren't immune from cybercriminals. In many ways, they represent a more attractive target. Out-dated technology, when connected to an email address and a basic website is an easy way into a company’s systems. Without the right, most up-to-date level of IT security, it can be too easy to steal sensitive information. 

Even if you aren't on a hacker's radar (many use automated systems to probe for weaknesses, putting companies at risk around the clock), malware, viruses and other cyber threats are even more common and can cripple a small business. Using out-dated hardware, software or computers is another way to fall victim to an ever-growing list of cyber dangers.

Security issues and data breaches aside, another key risk associated with legacy systems is speed. How fast can you scale and react to external or internal change? Can your business seize opportunities or respond to threats quickly if IT systems are expensive and inflexible? 

Whether you want to avoid these risks, or benefit from the advantages, now is the time to assess your IT and take stock if you've successfully kept pace with change. Working with a trusted IT partner can give you the opportunity to make changes and implement a plan that will help your business move forward in the right direction.

For more insights into how IT can help your business compete in today’s marketplace download our whitepaper 5 IT Strategies For Business Success.

Further Information

5 IT Strategies for Business Success

Information Technology (IT) has revolutionised the lives of individuals and organisations. Innovation in this sphere has created business opportunities that did not exist five, ten or twenty years ago, both in the way companies operate as well as the services and products they sell.


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