Local IT Providers: An Outsourced Extension of Your Team

By Alan Conduct|15 October 2018

In theory, outsourced IT providers can be anywhere in the country or the world. While some businesses prefer to outsource their IT support abroad - mainly because of the cost savings available - many others find it easier and more beneficial to work with a more local IT outsource provider. 

Although many IT support issues can be fixed remotely, it can be reassuring to know that an analyst is able to come to your office to fix issues on site when needed. Having an IT provider at the end of the phone, online message platform or email isn’t the same. 

With a local provider, you know there’s always the option to give them a call and ask for help that you couldn't get working with a firm further away. Here we look at why a local IT provider is often a better solution than outsourcing to an offshore provider or one that is many miles away.

The Advantage Of Having A Local IT Provider On Your Doorstep

Unlike recruiting an internal team member to manage IT, when you work with an outsource provider your business gains the benefit of a team of IT experts. You get an IT support team that have specialisations, up-to-date experience and access to state-of-the-art software and tools, alongside self-service tools and resources. Click on this previous blog post for more information on IT service desk outsourcing onshore or offshore? 

For micro and small businesses it is far more cost effective to work with a local IT provider than recruit someone to look after your IT infrastructure and networks. When they’re local, you can work together more easily, with site visits a normal part of the working relationship.

Often, larger companies will already have one or more internal IT staff. One reason to recruit another or work with an external provider is when growth is continuing and your internal team is starting to feel the strain. Now is the time to think about what you want to achieve long-term. Would another internal IT team member help you do that, or would you benefit from additional resources and expertise by outsourcing some IT functions such as your service desk?

In either scenario, a local provider comes with the following advantages:

  • A clear understanding - and active role - in the local economy and employment market. It also helps to work with an IT firm that knows the local infrastructure and network providers, which can make it easier to ensure connectivity and broadband problems are resolved more quickly.
  • A local provider will take time to get to know your business and become a strategic partner. They'll get to know your team, offices and business objectives and understand how they can support your business both operationally and strategically. With the working relationship established, you can then work with them more effectively to find ways for IT to help your company achieve the goals you have.
  • One of the team. With an IT provider on your doorstep, they will feel part of your team, which will encourage your staff to follow the advice they give on how to solve a problem using self-serve (ideally getting things up and running again even more quickly), or your staff will give them a call to ask if they can come over and fix a problem. It can take more time for a problem to be resolved with a remote provider, as other priorities get in the way for the provider, which means it can take longer for a resolution.
  • Better communication. One of the biggest problems with offshore providers is that customer satisfaction levels can be low because of communication issues. The value of having an IT support team that are local, speak the same language as your team and understand cultural factors such as communication styles and B2B relationships, cannot be underestimated. Whether your IT support is available to employees or customers, or both, a local IT provider is usually better at communicating with them, and that has an impact on satisfaction level.

To find out more about IT support services and outsourcing to a local IT provider, click here. UKN Group have offices in Basingstoke, London, Manchester and Edinburgh so if you want the level of support offered by a local provider, with the clout of a large IT support company, speak to us. For more on the benefits of outsourcing your IT support and other functions download our factsheet.


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Benefits of outsourcing your IT support and other functions factsheet

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