Key advantages of outsourcing to an agile IT service provider

By Mark Watson|2 April 2019

IT service providers come in all shapes and sizes. From the micro company with just a handful of analysts and technicians, to the larger enterprises with huge teams of staff. But what’s the best fit for your organisation – big or small, or somewhere in between?

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There are obviously pros and cons of the two extremes. A small IT service provider may struggle with capacity and have limited capabilities, for example they may only offer IT support to clients using specific hardware or software. However, they often offer a more personal service and can be very responsive to their clients’ needs. Whereas the big players may be able to support a wider range of IT infrastructure but are more constrained by their business model. You may end up paying for services you don’t require that are included in a non-negotiable package.

The sweet spot, in my opinion, is where providers like UKN Group sit. We’re not too big so we can be flexible, and we’re not so small so we can offer a range of support at competitive prices.

One of the key advantages of outsourcing to an IT service provider that sits somewhere in between the big players and the micro businesses is our agility. Here are just a few reasons why it’s beneficial to outsource your IT requirements to an agile IT service provider.

The agile IT service provider: clear benefits

Flexibility: we can create and offer new packages or bundles of existing services with great ease, without being limited by the size or methodologies used in our business. This means we can respond to customer demand quickly and develop bespoke solutions if required, often in a matter of hours.

Next generation technology: agile IT service providers are able to actively pursue the latest service technologies without fear of heavy time and cost repercussions. For example, we’re able to start introducing capability around AI and the Next Gen Service Desk long before many of our larger (and smaller) competitors.

Vender agnostic: while IT service providers of all sizes do have vendor partners, the medium sized provider is often at an advantage as we generally have more flexibility to pick and choose who we work with. Smaller providers often have to offer their vendor partners exclusivity, whereas the larger IT companies may be part of a group which sells solutions.

Lower costs: an agile business model gives us the opportunity to dramatically simplify business and operational process and provide a more cost effective service to our clients.

People focused: people are more important than processes or technology but both the big and small players can get bogged down in the processes and tech because that’s the only way to run their businesses effectively. Agile service providers are able to focus on the people involved, helping them solve problems. For example, we’ll take a more proactive approach to resolving tickets, identifying common issues and finding solutions that help people avoid the problem altogether or resolve it for themselves.

To get an idea of how much outsourcing your service desk to a provider like UKN Group might cost your business, click here for our price calculator.


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Find out how much it could cost your organisation to outsource IT support. Use our IT service cost calculator to get an estimate based on your requirements.


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