Phishing-as-a-Service - cheaper and more profitable to hackers

By The News Desk|9 December 2016

The new Imperva Hacker Intelligence Initiative (HII) report reveals Phishing-as-a-Service campaigns cost less to execute and are twice as profitable as traditional campaigns, exposing how cybercriminals are lowering the cost, and increasing the effectiveness, of phishing via compromised servers.

With 30% of virus recipients in this year’s dataset opening phishing emails, Imperva researchers deconstructed a phishing campaign in June 2016 which found a surprisingly low cost to launch Phishing-as-a-Service (PhaaS) campaigns, and a high projected return on investment.

Victim data showed that people were most likely to take the email phishing bait between 9am and noon while busy writing and replying to emails, and were more likely to enter their username and password to open an email attachment than to click on an email link.

Imperva-HII-phishing-made-easy >>>

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