Keeping It Local: Pros and Cons of Local IT Providers

By Alan Conduct|3 December 2018

We live in a global world. We can get on a plane and fly anywhere. When we go to our local supermarket, or shop online, we fill our baskets with food sourced from across the world. But when it comes to your organisation’s IT provider, do you really want them in an office half-way around the world? Or would you feel safer in knowing that you can pick the phone up and they could potentially arrange a site visit within a few hours?

As the world has become more global, more connected, many businesses are realising that they’re missing out on something only other companies in their area can deliver. On site support, a trusted partner, and someone who really understands their business and the marketplace.

As such they’re starting to work more closely together. Businesses owners we speak to are increasingly moving towards working with those they know, trust and can meet in person. As a result local IT providers have the advantage.

Upsides Of Working With Local IT Providers

Clients feel confident knowing that the professionals who keep their systems running, networks connected and cloud-storage operational are in the local area. It makes it easier to get to know a business. Being local means an IT provider can gain a clearer understanding of the challenges a client is facing and how they can solve them.

IT companies and clients can support one another. As local businesses no matter what we do, we are all in the same boat. We all have networks; other professionals and business owners we know and trust, and yet none of us knows how powerful our networks are until we make introductions for someone else.

Helping one another, with introductions and referrals can go a long way towards solving a problem someone else is having. New clients are secured through introductions and you never know when the next one’s that big client you’ve been looking to win all year. When your IT provider is local, you can be confident that these introductions are to people they know and trust, instead of someone they've only connected with through LinkedIn. 

Even indirectly, when you are working with another local company, you are supporting one another. Every company that employs staff and has an office is making a contribution to the local economy. When the local economy is strong, we all benefit, even indirectly - through a better quality of life, a nicer place to live and enjoy time outside of the office. 

Are There Any Downsides To Working With Local Providers?

Sometimes, although not always, a local IT company may not have the capacity to resolve a problem in person. It depends on the size of their operation, and your service level agreement (SLA). Also read our previous article on 'an outsourced extension of your team'

There are times when a problem may seem more urgent than it appears, which means it can’t always be handled as a priority. Larger IT companies with more capacity might be able to resolve such issues quicker. It’s therefore important to have a clear idea of what the IT provider’s capacity is, and whether they can offer the SLAs you need for your business.

That said, just because an IT provider is local doesn’t mean they’re small! While many local IT services companies may be micro businesses, others like UKN Group have more capacity. Our IT support services are delivered via regional hubs in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Basingstoke, which means we can offer a local service with the capacity of a larger organisation.

This provides our clients with the best of both worlds. We can really get to understand their business and requirements on a local level, offering them strategic and proactive support; and they also know that they can scale up the support they need at any point because we have the capacity.

If you would like to find out more about outsourcing your IT support or working with the UKN Group, do get in touch and download our guide here:


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