The New IT Support Landscape - What IT Service Desk Analysts Do

By Alan Conduct|28 April 2016

Whichever side of the IT service desk you sit on, it's useful to know what IT service desk analysts actually do. Whether you want to get a better idea of the level of support offered, or think it may be an interesting career, here's what our team do for our clients.

Day-To-Day Tasks Of A Service Desk Analyst

Below are just some of the many activities an IT service desk analysts does on a day-to-day basis. We're increasingly seeing demand for support resolving more complicated issues; in part because most organisations have a larger technological requirement with more users needing varying levels of support, but also because of a more technologically skilled workforce - who can resolve those minor issues themselves, leaving us to deal with the more complicated ones.

Desktop Support: reset terminal server sessions, Blackberry device configuration, setup corporate email account, iPhone setup, Microsoft Office support (can't insert image into PowerPoint, Excel won't open, Outlook crashing), Microsoft Operating Systems (Windows session freezing, display adaptor drives need updating etc.),

Third Party Liaison: Vodafone Blackberry support (configure email etc.), printer support, hardware support, bespoke application, Sage, Internet Service Provide (no broadband, communication line is down etc.),

Network: Internet lines, routers, firewalls, switches, remote satellite office,

Service Management: incident management, problem management, change management, configuration management, event management,

Account Administration: new user requests, leaver requests, password requests etc.,

Data Centre Services: Managed rack etc.,

Backups: daily monitoring (monitor backups for failures), troubleshooting, strategy (backup retention periods, time to restore),

Infrastructure Management: monitoring, patching, strategy, hardware support, availability, capacity, server support.

These activities are just a snapshot of a typical day in the life of a service desk analyst - on a not so typical day activities could be far from routine.

Another factor that is rapidly changing the issues our service desk team resolve is mobility. Not so long ago service desk providers would have focused mainly on delivering IT support to users in the workplace, and perhaps a small amount of remote working support to directors and senior employees. This has changed significantly in recent years as increasingly organisations facilitate remote working for their employees, and more and more people are using mobile devices for work.

This new working landscape presents unique challenges for organisations, not only ensuring that remote working staff can access systems and networks wherever they are, but also security challenges for the business. This is a key area where expert support can be essential for productivity and for the managing risks mobile devices (especially BYOD) and remote working have introduced into the office IT estate.

If you want to discover what kind of service desk analyst you are, or get a better idea of the people at the end of the phone or responding to your email, have a look at this presentation below:

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