What Kind of IT Service Desk Analyst Are You?

By Shauna Neher|7 May 2015

If you work as a service desk analyst, what personality-type do you fit? The service desk analyst cartoons in the slideshare below are inspired by some of our team, but we’re not naming names!

Joking aside, they highlight the key qualities we want in a service desk analyst. We look for people with up-to-date technical know-how, who can draw on their professional experience and are enthusiastic for all things IT. Our service desk team are prepared to get stuck in and sort problems out, cutting through complexities to concentrate on the detail. We also know how important it is for a service desk analyst to not only have great professional expertise, but also deliver great customer service. As with any successful service desk our focus is on our clients, listening to the issues they have, conveying information clearly and patiently, and putting our clients at ease.

9 Personalities Of A Service Desk Analyst

If you’re interested in joining our service desk team, keep an eye on our LinkedIn company page for new opportunities.

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