Top 5 KPIs That Tell You It's Time To Move To A New Service Desk Provider

By Mark Watson|17 December 2018

The vast majority of our new business comes from organisations that are already familiar with outsourcing their service desk, but are not getting what they want from their current IT service desk provider.

The following 5 KPIs are the most common reasons that organisations consider moving their service desk. If any of these are familiar to you, perhaps it’s time to find a new provider?

5 Reasons To Switch To A New Service Desk Provider

#1: 24/7 capability

Perhaps the most common reason we come across is not down to poor service with another provider but simply their capacity to deliver what the organisation needs. A key trend that’s impacting this is our ‘always up’ digital world. This means that many organisations now need IT support 24/7/365, not just during conventional business hours.

Globalisation is also having an impact with many companies doing business in different time zones even when they don't necessarily have a physical presence in those markets.

#2: Poor customer satisfaction scores

Another common problem that can result in organisations throwing money away. While analysis of incidents and ticket resolutions can give you a good idea of how the service desk is performing, the perception of the service desk is also very important.

If your end users rate it as poor they may actually avoid using it. That can have a negative impact on all kinds of areas of the business, for example it might reduce productivity in the workplace, result in staff trying resolve problems for themselves or taking non-secure shortcuts, or lose the business new sales or the cancellation of contracts and even impact the company's brand reputation.

#3: Low utilisation rates

While you might expect low volumes of tickets to be an indication of how well a service desk is performing, it can also be an indication that end users are seeking alternative solutions. Before you jump to conclusions make sure you’re measuring the various ways a user might engage with your service desk.

For example, if you have self-serve solutions like knowledge banks or chat bots these may be resolving issues before a human service desk analyst is contacted. Therefore you need to ensure all contact points are recorded and measured before assuming that low utilisation rates are a problem.

#4: Low 1st line ticket resolution

If 1st line tickets are not achieving at least a 70% resolution rate, your service desk analysts probably don’t have the right tools they need to do their job. It may be an issue of training, perhaps they don’t have sufficient expertise in the systems and solutions your organisation uses; or they don't have the right access and permissions to effectively resolve common issues.

If skills and training is the issue, you’ll need to find a provider with the right level of expertise. If it’s a question of access and permissions, it could be a simple fix where you assess the type of incidents that are not getting adequately resolved and authorise additional access if appropriate.

#5: Missing SLA resolution times

Another indication that the service desk team don’t have the right skills and resources is if they spend too much time on 1st line tickets. Alternatively it could be that they’re not escalating tickets appropriately and therefore spending too long resolving problems that should really be escalated to 2nd line tickets.

This can be resolved with the right training so the service desk analyst knows what questions to ask and processes to follow. However we sometimes see incidences where outsource service desk providers are reluctant to escalate a ticket if it then goes to an in-house IT technician. This might be because they believe it reflects poorly on their ability to deliver 1st line support.

1st line support should always be about resolving issues quickly and escalating those tickets that require more support. Service desk analysts can then quickly move on to the next ticket and ensuring that more users can get back to work, buy a product or use the services they’ve paid for as quickly as possible.

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