UKN Group's Top Tech Gadgets

By Shauna Neher|19 May 2015

At UKN Group we’re all a bit obsessed with tech gadgets, not really surprising given that we’re an IT company. Luckily for us, technology is constantly evolving with innovative apps and devices providing both lifestyle and business solutions for everything possible, and plenty of things you don’t know you needed!

I thought it would be interesting to find out what top tech gadgets our team are using, either at work or play.

UKN Group Team’s Tech Gadget Recommendations

Connor Woods / Service Desk Analyst: I have a PLEMO Magic Bean, and I literally have been life saved. You can get up to several charges of a completely flat mobile phone before you need to recharge it!

The product spec say that the Magic Bean can charge an iPhone up to 2.5 times before it needs to be recharged, and it can also charge two devices at once. We love its good looks and cool colours.

Alan Conduct / Head of Support Services: I use a Chromecast device at home, in fact I have three connected to the TV’s in the bedroom, lounge and my son’s sensory room.

It allows you to run applications like Netflix , IPlayer, and You Tube on your phone and then press a button to automatically stream it on your TV instead. Plugs into a HDMI port on the TV.

Val Burrows / Business Services Manager: I’ve got a Fitbit. It's a tracker that records steps, distance and calories burned. I like it because it fits into a bracelet so it’s not obvious you’re wearing a tracker all day. It can also track your sleep quality at night if you wear it in bed.

Jane Jenkins / Human Resources and Administration Manager: I bought my son a UFO drone with a camera attachment; it also does a few tricks too like flips. It’s not really suitable for use outside, we caught an up draught and lost control until it crash-landed! But great indoors if you have the space. Spend a bit more money if you want something to use outside.

Jo Percy / Office Manager & Assistant to the CEO: My favourite bit of tech at the moment is a Lumie Bodyclock. It’s actually an alarm clock and lives in my teenage daughter’s room. Instead of waking up to the radio or a noisy alarm, she gradually wakes up as the light imitates sunrise. She can also wake up to the dawn chorus or the sound of the sea. It doesn’t always get her out of bed, but it definitely improves her mood in the morning!

Mark Watson / Chief Operating Officer: Our Nespresso machine. Combined with a milk frother it’s a lot cheaper in the long run than a Starbucks habit!

Simon Taylor / Accounts Administrator: Got to be my Go Pro. Strapped onto my bike helmet it’s great for sharing video clips with my cycling buddies. Also very handy for getting footage of crazy drivers cutting us cyclists up!

Personally, I love my Sonos speaker system. It allows me to play radio, Spotify etc. through my home wifi system, all controlled through the Sonos app on my phone. I’ve also become very attached to my NutriBullet that helps me get my 5-a-day.

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