Why We’re A Values-Centered Company

By Michael Eaton|28 April 2015

As a company that provides service desk solutions for our clients, our business is all about delivering great customer service. Our SDI 4* Accreditation is one way we can measure how well our service desk team are doing; the other way we deliver customer satisfaction is through our company values.

Why You Need To Know About Our Company Values!

For many businesses, company values are little more than mission statements that look good on paper but are not actually integrated into the way business is done. Perhaps they were formed as part of a branding exercise, or purely to tick the ‘company values’ box. In recent years UKN Group have been through such as an exercise, but as part of a restructuring process that has been driven by the Service Desk Institute audit and our business goals.

For any client-facing company like ours, company values are vital to ensure that the best people work for us and put our values into practice through their work and interactions with customers and colleagues. This is why our core values don’t just include principles for the benefit of our clients; they also include our employee’s personal values too.

In fact, all our core values are for both clients and employees. For example, we rate ‘humour’ highly at UKN Group, perhaps not something you would normally expect to see in a company’s corporate value statement. But humour is important to us because it not only creates a great environment to work in, but it also enhances our customer relationships and makes interactions with our clients a positive experience. That’s not to say our service desk is manned by stand up comics, but it does mean we don’t take ourselves too seriously!

If you’re wondering what our other core values are, here they are and how we aim to meet them:


  • Excellence is our minimum standard
  • We fulfill our commitments; our clients know they can trust us to deliver; we always do
  • We take full ownership of our actions and their outcomes
  • We deliver on our commitments with honesty and integrity


  • We are always looking for new things to do, and new ways to do the things we've done before
  • We have a culture of innovation - naturally dynamic, always focused on advancing and improving
  • We unlock the energy and creativity of our employees, embracing the new and the different


  • Our mission is to make your life easier
  • We don’t feel the need to re-invent the wheel
  • Business life is complicated, our approach is not


  • We don't take ourselves too seriously
  • We come to work because we enjoy it, it’s fun
  • We have created a culture where humour can live


  • We constructively challenge and take the initiative with tenacity and resolve
  • We manage risk and set stretching goals
  • We push the boundaries to deliver above and beyond

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