Virtualisation: Are Your Virtual Environments Secure?

By Chad Stigant|25 August 2015

The benefits of virtualisation are clear: a more agile response, reduced costs, easier to manage, rapid deployment, quick ROI, a reduced datacentre footprint, increased uptime, better disaster recovery, and more… But what about the security risk of server, application or desktop virtualisation? What security cracks should you be aware of before deploying virtualisation in your organisation?

Common Virtualisation Security Risks

Virtualisation is a compelling solution to the challenge of making IT more dynamic and cost effective. As with many technologies there are inherent risks; but understanding what these might be, and mitigating against them, will give you and your organisation the increased security you desire.

This infographic from TrendLabs explores the common virtualisation risks that organisations may be exposed to.

Forewarned is forearmed and therefore when implementing virtualisation a thorough risk assessment must be deployed. Don’t allow cybercriminals to damage your organisation’s reputation and brand: make sure that if you do adopt IT virtualisation you don’t expose your business to avoidable risks.

Further Information

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