Proven ways to optimise your IT service desk and add value

By Alan Conduct|23 May 2019

A busy internal IT service desk is labour intensive. As a result it’s often seen as a cost centre, an operational necessity but not a value adding service. However, it is possible to optimise your IT service desk and increase its efficiency and value contribution.

Here’s how:

For more advice on driving IT service desk efficiencies, download our whitepaper here.

Optimising your IT service desk for efficiency and value

#1: Outsource routine requests and incidents to less expensive 1st line providers

1st line tickets and routine requests such as email account setups, user training and basic desktop support can be an expensive drain on your internal resources and skilled IT technicians. By outsourcing 1st line tickets to an IT service desk provider you can reduce costs and improve resolution times and satisfaction levels.

#2: Identify root cause of common problems

If the same people are contacting your IT service desk time and time again, or the same issues keep reoccurring, invest resources in understanding the root cause of these incidents and finding a resolution. Don’t just manage incidents, try to prevent them happening in the first place.

#3: Reduce ticket volumes with self-service solutions

Many 1st line tickets can potentially be resolved by the user if they have the right information. Improving your knowledge bank to ensure it contains relevant and helpful guides and instructions for your users can reduce the volume of tickets. However, this information needs to be clearly signposted to pre-empt users from raising a ticket and unnecessarily increasing demand on your service desk.

#4: Assess team and individual performance

To understand what your internal team is doing well and where there are inefficiencies, assess performance based on how many tickets are taken, resolutions times, and tickets closed or escalated.

When we were contracted to provide 1st line support for a client in the manufacturing industry, we found that their internal 2nd & 3rd line engineers had been managing the highest volumes of 1st line tickets. Many of their users were calling this team regularly, rather than speaking to the service desk. We were able to turn this around with good communication across the company to ensure users understood who to contact for 1st line IT support; and also helped the 2nd and 3rd line teams manage any direct contact and refer users back to the service desk team when appropriate.

#5: Play to your strengths

By assessing the performance of your team and any outsource partners you can build a clear picture of your strengths, skills gaps, and shortfalls in capacity or resource. Develop a strategy which balances outsourcing and internal resource so everyone plays to their strengths.

We’ve written a whitepaper on driving IT service desk efficiencies, which offers further advice and insights into how you can get value from your service desk. It’s free to download, so get your copy here.

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How to drive IT service desk efficiencies

If you want to optimise your IT service desk to reduce costs, increase productivity and get more value from IT support, click on the link to download our guide.


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