What Is A 'White Label' IT Service Desk?

By Kerry Burgess|1 August 2017

Outsourcing customer IT support desk issues to a trusted partner is an effective way to scale your business whilst creating more value for clients. Increasingly, we are seeing clients who need strategic support, digital transformation services, and growth planning. 

Clients still need Tier 1 - 2 service desk support, but that isn’t what drives conversations anymore. Solving small problems gets in the way of scaling. When IT partners only focus on small ticket issues - fixing things that break - clients only experience short-term value.

In the same way that accountants and business consultants are creating more ‘big ticket’ value for clients; the IT sector is also evolving. Customers also want to solve their own problems, which is why we are also seeing the evolution of the help desk, embracing self-serve, FAQs and Live Chat. Next Generation Service Desks (NGSDs) are about empowerment, the right amount of support and quick resolutions to problems.

Can Tech Companies Do Both?

Realistically, in small and medium IT firm’s, probably not. Next Gen Service Desks and 24/7 support help desks - depending on your client’s needs and operational time zones - need similar technical skills, but we are talking about divergent branches of IT work. Consultancy takes more time. It is, rightly so, more expensive for the clients - the result creates more value.

IT service desk support is reactive, responsive and although equally important - imagine how badly your day would be going if email suddenly went down? - not as time-consuming, relatively speaking.

With enough clients, you can keep staff working on Tier 1 - 2 support functions around the clock. However, asking them to gear shift between fixing issues and delivering high-level, complicated consultancy, won’t benefit your clients or company. IT professionals are knowledge economy workers. You are selling their knowledge, skill and time. Instead of asking them to do both, look at what you can outsource more easily: Service Desk functions.

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What Are The Benefits Of A ‘White Label’ Or Masked Service Desk?

#1: Bill out team time at a higher rate. Your clients are still paying for service desk time. Instead of your team providing this, you have an IT partner delivering this service under your brand. Instant - Live Chat - support, remote assistance and other services will, as far as a client is concerned, appear unchanged. Except now you have more time to bill out skills and time at a higher rate for clients who need ‘big ticket’ items.

#2: Lower overall costs. Maintaining service desk support doesn't come cheap. High-performance service desks need multiple systems and software to deliver support to clients. In time, you should find you don't need to maintain every subscription, now that those costs are absorbed by your outsource partner.

#3: Upskill and upsell. With internal resources freed up, your team can learn new skills. Take time to future proof your company, take performance to new levels, even aim for Service Desk Institute (SDI) accreditation. Everything you do will increase the value of the services you provide clients, thereby giving you the skills and tools to sell higher value solutions. 

As IT companies move up the value chain, we are seeing more interested in outsourcing service desk functions. Now is the time to make sure you are working with an IT partner that can deliver what you need for clients under your brand. This involves a lot of trust. They will answer phones, emails and support tickets as one of your team - so perform sufficient due diligence to make sure you are confident they will perform to the standards your clients expect.

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