White-label IT services - how to get a great fit

By Mark Watson|9 January 2020

If your organisation needs to provide customers and other external stakeholders with IT services such as technical support, a white-label service desk can provide coverage without users knowing that they’re dealing with a 3rd party. IT outsourcing providers will brand their services according to your requirements and become an extension of your technical support team. 

But will they deliver the same level of service and customer care that your organisation prides itself on? The IT service provider you select becomes the public face of your brand when dealing with support tickets and enquiries, and that means your organisation’s reputation and relationship with existing and potential customers. 

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How to find a white-label service desk with a great fit 

Ideally, by outsourcing to a white-label service desk provider you will be able to improve your technical support services.  This solution can give you access to specialist skills that you might not have internally: and it frees up your IT team to focus on other work while the outsourcing support team focus on delivering fast responses and the best resolutions. 

A white-label service desk can also increase your capacity to offer technical support, particularly out-of-hours, overnight and at weekends or public holidays. It can also support your organisation’s expansion into new markets, providing technical support for customers in other countries in different time zones, and with different language requirements. Global IT service desk provider like UKN Group can provider 24/7 multilingual service desk coverage anywhere in the world. 

Service Level Agreements go a long way to ensure that the provider you choose delivers the level of support you require. But how do you know that the provider is the right fit and will work like an extension of your brand? 

Here are 3 things to look out for: 

  1. 1. Values and culture 

If there’s synergy between your organisation’s values & culture and the IT service provider’s, you’re off to a great start. The right cultural fit makes it much easier to on board the service desk team, and shared values mean that their service desk analysts are already signed up to your company ethos and approach to customer relationships. 

  1. 2. Culture training 

Ask about on boarding and what culture training the provider engages in. It should include comprehensive training plan development; a client learning programme for all team members; and a regular comprehension test. The training must cover a business overview, structure, preferred contact channels, culture and philosophy, technology environment, application training, historic issues and a site visit for all team members. 

3. Service improvement 

If you were to keep your technical support in-house you would continually optimise the function to get the best ROI. Expect the same from a white-label IT service desk provider. Their focus should also be on delivering a service that has a positive impact on the bottom line. Contact between your customers and technical support should help promote your brand and enhance your reputation, leading to referrals and repeat business. Regular reviews of the type of tickets raised, response and resolution times, and user satisfaction, should be used to make improvements. They should also be making recommendations that could reduce ticket volumes and drive efficiencies and cost savings, such as identifying opportunities to provide self-serve solutions for common issues that users can fix themselves 

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Compare and benchmark IT Service Desk providers

Shortlist and rank different IT service desk providers using our comprehensive checklist. Click on the link to download.


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