Why you should outsource your first line IT support

By Alan Conduct|17 October 2018

Outsourcing IT support is proving a popular choice for businesses across a wide range of sectors. Instead of managing first and second-line support in-house, companies are turning to trusted external providers to deliver the IT services they need. 

Working with an external provider means that IT support, the thing that keeps your company operational, is no longer something your internal IT team need to worry about. No longer do valuable employees who should be working on more strategic projects, need to waste their time resetting passwords, helping customers or staff use applications successfully, or troubleshooting connectivity issues.

IT used to be an expensive capital outlay. But that is no longer the case. Now with external support and cloud-based infrastructure, companies can use the latest technology without making a large capital investment. 

Keeping everything running is the responsibility of 1st and 2nd-line support; also known as the help or service desk. Generally speaking those who manage IT support are often needed in a trouble shooting capacity. Fixing problems and keeping everything running. Here are 5 reasons why organisations benefit from outsourcing IT support.

5 reasons to outsource 1st line IT support to a managed service provider (MSP)

#1: Increase productivity

Small internal IT teams can be overstretched dealing with support tickets from staff who can’t get on with their job until they get a resolution. Downtime, whether because of a system crash, outage or simply because an employee can’t access their work, costs business money. 

By outsourcing 1st line IT support incidences that have a negative impact on productivity can be dealt with quickly, with a team of IT service desk analysts available to address issues as they occur. Moreover, your business doesn’t have to worry about annual holidays, reduced capacity over lunch or being short staffed because of illness. 1st line support (and 2nd if required) is covered regardless. 

#2: Enterprise level support, without the salary costs

Working with a trusted managed service provider (MSP) gives you access to an experienced team of IT specialists, without the expense of putting them on payroll. 

It is a competitive market for technology talent. IT professionals are in demand, making it difficult for companies to recruit the sort of skills they need to manage IT service desks. If you want reliable, experienced, knowledgeable IT support, outsourcing is an option every company should consider.

#3: Flexible support

When you’ve got an internal team, that support is a fixed cost. There may be months when they're not very busy, which means finding them something else to do. Whereas, with an external provider, you pay for what you need, not for staff to sit around keeping busy.

Outsourcing the first and second line aspects of your IT support also means your internal team can concentrate on long-term business objectives, such as implementing a digital transformation. A combination of internal and external IT teams can make a huge difference to the efficiency of any organisation. Support is also scalable and services can be switched on and off in line with demand. For example, if you are short staffed because of holidays you could outsource 2nd line support to provide additional cover.

#4: Proactive monitoring

IT help desks often take a reactive approach. Fixing problems as they arise. Keeping downtime to a minimum is an essential minimum for any IT service desk. However, a reactive approach isn’t going to spot problems before they occur.

With proactive monitoring, using systems and the right level of support, IT won’t need to intervene to trouble shoot problems and broken systems as often. Small issues can be caught early, before they present as more serious challenges. 

It is also useful when service desks give staff the tools and information they need to solve some problems themselves. Known as self-serve: IT partners can provide staff with access to a knowledge base of useful articles, videos and FAQs to make it easier for them to implement solutions to some common problems more easily, further reducing downtime.

#5: Improved security

Businesses have many reasons to take IT security more seriously. There are more cyber threats than ever, and with GDPR now in effect, failing to keep your systems secure could result in serious fines, in the event of a preventable data breach.

Trusted IT providers and software vendors take security seriously. Working with a proactive partner will give you a whole suite of defences to keep threats out and monitor systems internally to shut down anything that may have got through already. Networks and devices are more secure when working with an IT partner, combining proactive monitoring with an increase in the layers of security protecting your business.

Knowing that your IT support is being looked after gives business owners and senior managers peace of mind. Instead of worrying about whether you are supported, you can be confident you’ve got the skills, software and expertise in place to drive your business forward. Between enhanced security, self-serve and proactive monitoring, your team will benefit from trusted IT support without the extra cost of putting more staff on payroll and investing in expensive IT software and hardware.

Not sure what IT support your business needs? Get started by downloading the guide. downloading our guide to IT service desks here.


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