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    Cloud and Infrastructure Services

    Helping you, develop, build, manage, and optimise your cloud strategy, and on-premise IT Infrastructure
    We provide a range of on-premise Infrastructure Services, and Cloud infrastructure services, designed to support organisations in their journey, from traditional infrastructure to the Cloud, including all hybrid combinations.

    Our services include:

    • Discover your IT landscape both on and off premise, in relation to your business needs
    • Cloud readiness assessments
    • Design secure public, private and hybrid cloud platforms
    • Build and integrate data centre, and cloud systems
    • Transition business services to the cloud from IaaS, to DaaS and PaaS
    • Manage and support your infrastructure, and cloud platforms 24/7

    Cloud Platforms

    There are many different cloud platforms available today, all of which offer different services.

    Knowing what cloud solution and platform fits your business is a challenging task.

    Strategy Consulting & Design

    Our expert consultants deliver leading edge, thought provoking advice, analysis and recommendations, to provide clients in all sectors which is bespoke, innovative and independent.

    Architecture, Transformation & Transition

    IT design can be an overwhelming task. You know you want or need to transform your IT infrastructure, but knowing where to start and what logical steps to take can be a great challenge.

    Cloud Backup - Disaster Recovery

    An ineffective back-up solution can lead to significant business data loss



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