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    An ineffective Disaster Recovery and Back-up solution can lead to significant business service and data loss. UKN Group provide end to end Cloud backup, and Disaster Recovery services & solutions to the Business and Public sectors in both on and off premise options.

    A complete IT System or significant Line of Business (LOB) service outage, loss of revenue, or loss of productivity are all real life consequences of poor disaster recovery and backup planning.

    Cloud Backup

    UKN Group provide expertise to help deliver entire infrastructure or specific data set replication off site, or to the cloud with rapid recovery response, where your entire data sets can be backed up and recovered at the click of a button.

    Disaster Recovery Services

    UKN Group provide scalable and flexible disaster recovery solutions that can be rapidly provisioned, aligned with the business strategy and requires both RPO/RTO – Recovery Point Objectives & Recovery Time Objective adherence and execution.

    Protect your business

    Unexpected business disruptions, whether man-made threats or natural disasters, can devastate any organisation. Protecting your business and its reputation by planning for the continuity of operations must assume a top priority.

    UKN Group’s Business Continuity Solutions help identify, assess and develop your organisation’s policies and procedures for addressing operational risk. With our proven methodology, our clients are assured proper contingency planning to reduce the likelihood and impact of disruptive events.

    Risk Management

    For any organisation, managing risk is at the core of success. The coordinated, holistic identification, assessment and prioritisation of risks contribute to a business continuity plan. A sound plan helps to establish policies and procedures to address potential threats, meet financial objectives, comply with audit and regulatory needs and increase an organisation’s ability to keep the business running, no matter what the circumstance.

    Our experienced team of consultants begins by assuming that a disruptive event will occur at some point in an organisation’s future. The UKN engagement methodology emphasises the acquisition of an in-depth knowledge of each organisation’s culture and unique needs. For business and technology managers, higher-level management visibility of the operational impact of business disruptions are currently driving a more intense focus on business continuity management.
    Be prepared

    UKN has a proven track record of delivering full business continuity services and solutions across both public sector and private enterprise.

    Using methodologies that meet international standards and guidelines, our consultancy team assists in defining tailored, systematic and structured processes. With this, our clients are able to proactively prepare for and execute their continuity of business operations plans.


    Our four stage approach

    We adopt a four stage approach which fosters accountability among an organisation’s leaders and the managers responsible for critical business processes. We then develop a sound and practical business continuity plan which the organisation is confident to rely on.


    Stage 1 


    • Risk Evaluation & Control
    • Product Planning
    • Business Impact Analysis

    Stage 2 


      • Development of Continuity Strategies
      • Business Resumption Plan
      • Disaster Recovery Plan
      • Crisis Management Team Planning

    Stage 3


      • Infrastructure Improvement
      • Emergency Response Exercise and Simulation
      • Management Awareness Training Programme

    Stage 4 

    Execution & Maintenance

      • Annual Exercises
      • Plan Maintenance
      • PR Plan Review

    Services and Benefits

    Services Include

    • Unlimited Offsite & Cloud backups
    • Rapid backup and restoration
    • Entire infrastructure (physical or virtual)
    • On/off premise
    • Office365 backups
    • Full reporting, recovery testing and support

    Service Business Benefits

    • Protection of key assets and their value
    • Preservation of important trust relationships with client and partners
    • Managed legislative and regulatory compliance
    • Managed investments
    • Increased service quality
    • Focused holistic, enterprise-wide approach
    • Tested and proven methodologies

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    Highly Accredited

    The comfort that you are working with a company that has and continuous to invest in a high accreditation status

    24x7x365 Support

    Allows us to provide a front line service while your teams focus on core, value adding activity.

    Over 20 Years Experience

    UKN Group has more than 20 years of service improvement experience.

    Reference Backed

    We encourage talking to our clients or looking at our live client feedback.

    UK & Global Coverage

    We have clients in the UK, Europe, USA, Africa, Australia, China and Japan.

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