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    GDPR is here, and with many businesses still confused about the steps they need to take to be compliant or remaining slow to react, get compliant with our GDPR tools.


     By helping clients navigate through mountains of data, we help you understand, structure and make sense of data in the context of your business to give you real competitive advantage.

    GDPR Compliance

    With the regulation in force since the May 25th 2018, a surprising number of businesses still remain non compliant?

    As the UK will still be in the EU the regulation will still apply, and there are significant fines up to €20 million or 4% of worldwide turnover for non-compliance, with the European Data Protection Supervisor enforcing the regulation.

    Data Analytics

    UKN Group partner with IBM and Pitney Bowes to offer next-generation business analytic solutions.

    We help organisations of all sizes make sense of information in the context of their business, by uncovering insights more quickly and more easily from all data types, across multiple platforms and devices.


    UKN Group have partnered with the market leader - IBM to offer world class Data Analytics capability


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