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    Our Service in Summary

    The business case for outsourcing your IT capability can vary, but reasons often include one or more of the following:
    • Lower costs (due to economies of scale or lower costs of staffing)
    • The ability to focus on core competencies, ridding yourself of peripheral internal business service
    • Lack of in-house resources
    • Increased efficiency offering variable capacity
    • Access to specific IT skills
    • Increased flexibility to meet changing business and commercial conditions
    • Tighter control of budget through predictable costs
    • Lower ongoing investment in internal infrastructure
    • Access to innovation and thought leadership
    There are many reasons / drivers for a business to outsource, below are a few examples:


    IT Outsourcing can include anything from the total management of your technology department, to the outsourcing an existing, defined component, such as Service Desk of or Infrastructure Management. UKN Group have a long track record of happy customers in both the full outsource of an entire team to a single point solution.

    UKN Group uses the standards and maturity required by the Service Desk Institute (SDI), coupled with ISO and ITIL best practices in providing an outstanding outsourced IT Support capability.


    Did you Know?


    Outsourcing can save between 20% and 60% versus current cost.
    We guarantee a better level of service.

    Our Approach to Service Take On

    UKN Group’s service focused approach to any new relationship, is very well documented from pre take on through to transition to business as usual, and forms the foundation to all services we supply.

    Given our extensive experience in migrating new clients, there are three clearly defined phases we typically follow, as outlined below:


    Working alongside your current in house team and any suppliers / partners you have and fully document as much detail as possible if limited documentation / knowledge exists. This ensures a smooth transition with no degradation in service upon go live.

    Parallel Running

    Start to perform limited services along-side your current team if possible

    This can be as short or long in duration as required

    Ramp up from this point forward until we are delivering 100% of the service

    Benchmark as is – what is working well / not so well

    Draw a clear line in the sand so improvement can easily be shown.

    Business as Usual

    The final stage in the process is to complete the transition to “BAU” steady state.

    The team will complete the initial set of documentation and provide regular updates and full communication.

    Documentation, Operating Level Agreements (OLS's) and site bibles, will be completed and added to over time.


    Our Transformational Approach

    Our transformational approach generates savings as our journey continues.


    As a business our approach is one of long term relationships that offer real transformation, we do not as a company aim for “utility” type relationships where the supplier sits back and does the minimum. We constantly strive to improve and make a real difference in our relationship. Our rank as a leading provider of managed IT services and our very high accreditations prove testament to this.


    The chart below outlines how our approach would work in practice:

    Transformational Approach.jpg

    How our Service is Measured?

    We measure the performance of our service in many ways, including:
    • SLA and its adherence and over achievement
    • Full reporting
    • Access to key statistics and service information 24/7
    • Service Delivery Management meetings
    • Quarterly Steering Committee Meeting for Executive to Executive contact
    • User based feedback through incident based customer satisfaction tools / apps, surveys and bi-annual surveys
    • CSIP program
    • Risk Register

    UKN Group uses the standards and maturity required by the Service Desk Institute (SDI), coupled with ISO and ITIL best practices in providing an outstanding outsourced IT Support capability.


    Service Level Agreement(s) will be in place and these will be used to measure the quality of service provided. This ensures problems are identified and corrective actions and service improvements are implemented as appropriate.


    Why our clients choose us

    Highly Accredited

    The comfort that you are working with a highly accredited organisation that holds both the Service Desk Institute 4* accreditation (one of only x2 companies in the UK and 1 of only 5 globally to have attained this level of excellence) coupled with ITIL and ISO best practice standards

    24x7x365 Support

    Allows us to provide a front line service while your teams focus on core, value adding activity.

    Over 20 Years Experience

    UKN Group has more than 20 years of service improvement experience.

    Reference Backed

    We encourage talking to our clients or looking at our live client feedback.

    UK & Worldwide Coverage

    We have clients in the UK, Europe, USA, Africa, Australia, China and Japan.

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